March 30 2009

Sleepless in North Pole

Watching the Flyers

03300917.jpg Awake and sleepless in North Pole, might as well watch the flyers on the cam…  If your not watching your not seeing them.

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3 Responses to “Sleepless in North Pole”

  1. Suziebee says:

    So, what time in the dead of night do they show up? Just so the rest of us insomniacs can watch.

  2. Databrokers says:

    Suzie, that picture was taken just a tad after 1 in the morning our time

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    If the flyers would wait a couple or so hours before showing up I might be awake to see them.

    It’s interesting to see how different their coats are. Even the fluffiness of the tails is different. Maybe it’s because they’re more nocturnal than your red squirrels and the tails are wider to help their parachuting. The silkieness makes them seem very pettable.

    I found out recently that there are flyers in the Chicago area, which surprised me.

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