March 20 2009

Little Girl in White

Bright White Little Angel in the Light


Isn’t she so Pretty, she brought me gifts yesterday to the feeder, two little balls of fluff she had found, nesting material.  They do that now and then, bring me gifts, little presents and leave them on the feeder.  Balls of nesting material, spruce cones, the small sweet ones.  Mushrooms and fungus, the kind they like to eat, and other little goodies from the forest.  Amazing isn’t it. 


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5 Responses to “Little Girl in White”

  1. Miami says:

    Really? Did you capture it?

  2. Annie says:

    It is true. She left some fluff on the feeder. I am sure it is a little present for her great friend Bob. It is very touching… It makes me cry.

  3. munford says:

    Little Girl,
    You brought tears to the chat room yesterday when you brought Bob the gift of two pieces fluffy fuzz. Where could you have found the balls of fluff with all that snow that is on the ground? I know you are grateful to Bob
    who keeps out plenty of food for you to eat whenever you are hungry. Did you take some nesting material out
    of your own nest to give to Bob to show him how much you love and appreciate him? You are a very special
    Little Girl!

  4. Z from Chicago says:

    Squirrels will do that. They say thank you and show affection. When my boyfriend and I had a house, he used to feed a couple of squirrels in the back garden. One day he went out and one of the squirrels (his name was Charlie) ran over an rubbed against his legs the way a cat does.

    Your lucky, Bob.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    You’re lucky.


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