February 24 2009

Bubba the ustream.tv Star Update

Press Update


The missing ustream.tv star, “BuddaBubbaBelly Squirrel the famous Red Squirrel star of the most popular ustream.tv zoo show, The Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Show has been seen at one of the out of the way watering holes on the Permafrost Ranch.  He wouldn’t answer any questions posed by our journalist and photographer but smelled and looked like he had been on some kind of binder.  The once famous tv star commenced to run off down the path towards his feeder.

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2 Responses to “Bubba the ustream.tv Star Update”

  1. Fort says:

    Wow, he ran off and who knows what he was doing for all that time! But, he is a star, and you know how fickle they can be…..

  2. Miami says:

    Love the show and the press release!

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