February 23 2009

We should never forget


We shouldn't ever forget

We shouldn't ever forget

Amazing picture brought tears to my eye, I thought I would share. 

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  1. Egon Ruuda says:

    The state of Israel has very little to do with the holocaust. It didnt even exist untill after the war.

  2. Sudsy says:

    Humans have nomadic streaks. Sometimes its to find better pastures, sometimes its to escape a place of horror. Israel exists in its current state due to the anti-Semitic feelings that were rife in the world during the first half of the twentieth century. England, France, Germany, and the United States were far from friendly to Jews despite the Holocaust. England which had administrative control of Palestine since the early 1900’s allowed small numbers of Jews into the country. The Arab leadership despised the Jews, and in the 1930’s they’re leader started anti-Jewish riots. The English kicked him out of Palestine where he became a guest of Germany (and met Der Fuher). Post WWII, the feeling of Jews was to leave Europe where they had been oppressed for centuries with the Holocaust as the LAST STRAW. England tried to prevent the flow, and in fact disarmed the Jews and armed the Arabs, they sunk ships full of Jewish settlers, and then left them to they’re fate.

    Had Europe been a different place, had Arabs not been genocidal and screaming “We’ll drive the Jews to the sea” in 1948, history would be much different. The Holocaust and Israel are intimately related. Those who deny the Holocaust tend to be only doing so to deny Israel the right to exist. A right Israelis earned through victory on the field of battle against all enemies to include a UN that stood by and did nothing. Arabs only abandoned Palestine for fear of retribution, after all, they threatened to “Drive the Jews to the sea” despite Israels attempts (and failure to control some of its population) to negotiate with them. Currently, the Palestinians remain ‘refugees’ to be used as political pawns by Islamo-fascism (which isn’t far from the truth considering ‘Palestinian’ leadership is greatly influenced by Nazis, Cairo was a Nazi hangout after WWII…).

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    Thank you, Bob.

  4. Iwonami says:

    NEVER AGAIN! This is how I interprete this photograph. This is just in order to remember what happened in the past. Something inconceivable.
    I am from the country where holocaust happened, in Auschwitz

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