February 6 2009

Deceptive Marketing

GCI’s Deceptive Cable Marketing

02050923.jpgI ordered the high speed cable from GCI, and they said it was under 100 dollars a month.  Which I thought was a good deal, they failed to tell me when I bought it, that there was usage charges per megabyte of data upload and download.  The reason I bought was for the speed increase and price.  Called them yesterday complaining as to why I’m getting these extreme high charges.  Well the representative told me, if you had bought the full package of phone, tv and internet that fee is dropped.  Would you like to sign up for the full package at this time.  I said no, turn the modem off, and stop the service.  She then replied well they can’t do that.  They will continue to charge me until I bring the damn thing to them at their office.  That’s a flat out case of legal extortion as far as I’m concerned and  it will be Cold day in hell, says bubba before they get paid and before they get the damn modem back too.   I’m not paying and I’m going to continue to use it until they stop the service and then I will refuse to pay.  They are going to have to take me not only to collections but they will have to sue to get a damn dime from me.  

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