January 6 2009

Long Extreme Cold Spell

Long Extreme Cold Spell (colder than siberia)

I awoke this morning it was -47.8 and the back Monitor stove is out of fuel oil.  Which means a trip into town to fill up the four five gallon jugs that I use to fill the little thirty gallon drum.  If I can even get the old car to start.  Maybe next year I’ll try to install a 100 to 300 gallon above ground tank so I can call the fuel oil company to fill it.  Called the son-in-laws, to see if anyone was headed into town  and one isn’t even letting the grandkids go to school today.  Don’t blame them, it’s so damn cold it’s scary to be out on the highway with the heavy ice fog.  My oldest daughter said she’s has to drive into work, and the traffic is still moving along at 60 miles an hour and people have almost zero visibility at times.  Idiots, she said, the whole place is filled with idiots when it comes to driving in this fog.  They gather up so they can see the taillights in front of the them and they they all prey no one stops as they go like hell.  

Life at -40 below or colder… think about it.

2 Responses to “Long Extreme Cold Spell”

  1. z from Chicago says:

    Be careful driving. It sounds awful. We’ve had -40 windchills a few times here, but not temperatures that low.

    Your birds and squirrels must really love you these days, especially, for giving them food in this extreme cold.


  2. Chad and Brandy says:

    I complain when temps gets down to +40, I can’t even imagine what -40 is like. It is amazing what animals can survive in.

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