November 20 2008

If you’re not watching you’re missing the Action

He’s watching are you?

If you’re not watching the Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Cam streaming over the internet you’re missing out said the wise old Owl.  I watch as often as I can he said.  Come see me at this web site (click here) or on web site at the address (click here)

2 Responses to “If you’re not watching you’re missing the Action”

  1. Chad and Brandy says:

    What a beautiful bird. All the pics you have posted are so clear and sharp, what type of web cam do you have running?

  2. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    I use a Sony PD 150 Video Camera to capture those pictures, I use it also for the Web Cam 2. On Web Cam 1 use a Sony Handycam. Both use firewire to the computers that run the software.

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