October 15 2008

Winter Mode

Winter is locked and loaded

The old squirrel was telling me this morning over coffee.  Winter has locked and loaded and we are getting both barrels he feels.  ACS, tore up the road in front of the house and had us blocked in the drive way all day yesterday.  They were laying new cable and my driveway took the beating of all the digging.  I don’t think they will put it back to normal it’s going to be a mess next spring he said.  They had to dig under the culvert that was there.  They dinged it a couple of times.  Not only that they didn’t compact the dirt under the area they dug and  or over the pipe when they recovered it.  It’s liable to subside with the moisture in the spring and cave in the pipe.  I suspect I’ll be asking for relief from ACS before it’s all over with next year.  Not only that they still accidently got into the cable for the phone lines that run around Victoria Circle.  It didn’t affect our service but the rest of the neighborhood was down.  I suppose then they had to splice the cable before they reburied it.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Brrr.. You are down to zero again.

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