October 9 2008

The US Firesign Theater

Are we all Bozos on this bus

Well, after listening to the news that the economy, and the market are all taking a beating.  Then I hear said the old squirrel, a lot of people are worried and the Red Cross said the donations are down. So the poor suffer even more.  Then he says I hear the  Suits who took over the failed AIG after they got the bail out loan took a vacation retreat for big bucks.  You humans are nuttier than a squirrel turd.   

2 Responses to “The US Firesign Theater”

  1. Sudsy says:

    Its sad that there is a lack of justice, and an ignorance of the peoples will in the “Swamp”… However, lets not pull out the guillotines or start a “Peoples Revolution”, we all have seen time and time again what has happened throughout history when that happens.

    However, if we follow the route of our countries Founding Fathers better than our politicians, I’m sure we’ll be able to survive. Mostly, we need to look out for each other at the local level knowing that folks who look out for people on a National level are either losing donations or have heads up in dark bodily cavities…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amen, old squirrel. Amen!

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