October 7 2008

Crisis of Confidence

Lack of Trust 

This old squirrel and I were discussing the situation concerning our politicians and the economy.  Do you trust them to do the right thing he asked.  After listening to the suits who ran the banking systems into the ground while themselves made millions.  Then after reading the transcripts of the trial of our illustrious Senator who considered himself above the law.  He said we have all been deceived and trusting them again is foolish he thinks.  The election is right around the corner and he asked me, what do you think the people in this country are going to do.  Keep the old guard in place or sweep them out with the rest of the trash.

One Response to “Crisis of Confidence”

  1. Sudsy says:

    Have you looked into some of the third parties:

    Stevens has lost our trust, Begich might not be any better, might as well vote for one of these guys…

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