June 3 2008

Summer on the Permafrost Ranch

Summer is always a welcomed arrival here on the Permafrost Ranch. Nonetheless, along with warm weather comes another problem only seen in this welcomed season of warmth. Yesterday, was the first real warm day of summer. It was in the high 60’s all day. I had the doors and windows thrown wide open. Both daughters stopped by with grand kids in tow and before we knew it. The house was full of mosquitos from the kids running in and out the front screen door. Alaskan mosquitos are known for their ferociousness and abundance. When the screen door is closed you can see the little vampires all over the outside trying to slip through the netting. Some wait patiently with evil intent for some unsuspecting agent to open the portal for them. Once inside they spread out hiding and waiting for the right moment to sneak up and get you. The bedroom is always one of their favorite hiding spots. They are sneaky ambushers waiting patiently for you to slip off into sleep and then they pounce. Buzzing and biting until one jumps up and looks for any and all available weapons to end the constant attacks. I have even resorted to chemical sprays with a poison gas attacks at times to eliminate them. Outside is another matter, like most Alaskans, summer means the season of mosquito repellant perfume. DEET, oh the sweet smell of DEET. Any and every Alaskan who spends time outside smells like DEET. DEET is the active ingredient in most bug repellents the works the best. I like mine strong enough to melt rubber or plastic. Only then do I think it’s strong enough to keep the hungry hordes of blood suckers from draining me dry.

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