May 29 2008

Life, in the fast lane

Here on the Permafrost Ranch. Life is in the slow lane, as I sit here at the computer. While I listen to the light rain on the roof and the news on the television. I stop to sip from my second cup of hot coffee in typing this blog. I feel that the rest of the world is racing to get somewhere. With the speed of light I’m watching the race. Connected by a copper cable with bits of data over the wire, and over the air waves. I’ve become that little old bearded fellow in the older car in the far right lane. It’s not that I’m not trying to get somewhere just like all the others zipping by me on that highway of life. It’s just that I’m in no hurry to get there. Nonetheless, I’m connected at the speed of light, watching the world spin by. Yet out my window, right outside my little squirrels live at a pace more my speed. So, I snap the picture, capturing time as it stands perfectly still.

2 Responses to “Life, in the fast lane”

  1. Zorpheous says:

    Love the blog! and the Live Squirrel Cam. I run a political humour blog Called the Wingnuterer, which is run by a demented Squirrel, Lord Speedy Oliver Bump (Lord S.O.B.)

    Anyhoo, so you on Exit Stage Left and followed link up here. I have placed a photo link to one of your live Squirrel Cams on my side bar. Will have to check in from time to time.

  2. Lumpy the CyberJunkie says:

    Well Said Robert

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