May 7 2008

Inconsiderate Neighbors

I have a next door neighbor, who’s one of the most inconsiderate neighbors I’ve ever had living next door to me. Over the years, there has been a succession of people that have moved into this home. Since the builder sold it and moved away. To begin with, he moved several old vehicles in and put them over on my property bordering his. Ignoring property lines and cluttering up that side of his property. But recently, he’s gotten into the habit of firing off fireworks late at night or early in the morning. Last night at 2 AM he fires off a couple of large aerial fireworks. I found out this is one method he uses to call his wayward dog. He’s trained the dog to come at the sound of aerial fireworks. We do have a leash law but he ignores that and the dog runs free all over the neighborhood. This isn’t just a one time thing, it’s quite often. Loud booms are not conducive to sleeping at that time of the morning. Being it’s now 8:00 AM and he’s sleeping now. Maybe I should return the favor a few times. Do you think he would get the hint. This isn’t the only problems I’ve had with this fellow. Over the last few years the list of his inconsiderate behaviours would make for another long blog post, these run from driving on my lawn to firing paint balls at my belongings from his yard.

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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    I’d suggest that if you can’t talk to him about it, call the cops on him, but this might lead him to do worse that what he’s doing now. Does he own the property or is he renting? If he’s renting, you could talk to the owner.

    If he’s driving on your property he’s trespassing. Take pictures. Put up a fence or some of those spikes that pierce tires.

    The paintball thing is downright nasty. You could go over there in the middle of the night and paint all his windows.

    If you could catch his dogs you could call animal control, or befriend them and teach them to attack the neighbor. If you plan to paint over his windows, you should befriend the dogs anyway so that they wouldn’t bark at you.


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