April 8 2008

Way to go Nita

Fairbanks Native Association recently held its annual potlatch gathering at the Chief David Salmon Tribal Hall. FNA are the local social services entity for the Native Alaska/Native American population who reside in the Fairbanks area. Kimberly Dullen was chosen to be the 2008 Miss FNA Queen. She is currently a college student in Minnesota and is daughter of Karen Dullen. Juanita Esmailka was chosen to be the 2008 FNA Princess representative. She is a freshman at West Valley High School and is daughter of Charles and Tonya Esmailka. The 2008 FNA Baby winner was Elijah McGinty, son of Maurine McGinty.

I’ve bragged about this young lady before, and she deserves even more recognition for doing what she does. Nita is on the left.

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