March 8 2008

Bad and Good News

I’m sure many remember the problems I’ve had with folks driving on the grass the east side of my property which is cleared and planted with lawn grass but is bordered by a road. I had to install a chain link fence to keep off the snow machines, four wheelers and others who just loved to drive on it and rut up the grass. The fence was ran into last night by a young woman who stopped by this morning and said she will pay to have it repaired. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I wasn’t expecting anyone to own up to the damage that was done. Bless this young ladies heart and her parents. Her dad was with her.

One Response to “Bad and Good News”

  1. Z says:

    Maybe she had an overwhelming desire to visit the birds and squirrels.

    Good luck with your fence. Would painting it red make it more visible?


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