February 26 2008

Death likely caused by exposure Part 2

Don’t anyone ever tell me that Fairbanks hasn’t changed. I spent a better part of my youth growing up here in Fairbanks. Living here always had a ever lasting impact upon my life, but Fairbanks has changed. I don’t remember reading these headlines as a kid but this morning in the Daily News Miner it jumped right out at me. “Teen found dead in South Fairbanks.” “This could be the second suspected exposure death in less than a week.” writes the author Chris Freiberg , Another young Native Alaskan life gone. We have come a long way baby, but we have lost something in the miles and years that have passed here in the Great Land.

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  1. grover_alaska says:

    What angered me the very most about this article was that they “had” to say it was a Native child. When there was no ID, it could have very well been any other child (mexican, asian, whatever). I read it online, and of course some of the first comments were vile and racist. I was not able to comment on line before the comment area was full. But I entend on writing the paper about it. It took them nearly the whole day to remove those horrid comments posted. The news-minus is awful about printing stuff that really has no pertinence to the article- and can be seen as nothing other than racist. Hey cool blog spot- look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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