January 25 2008

The Wood Stove

Living here in the Great Land, has it’s own burning issues. Such as stoking the wood stove. It seems this time of the year it’s a chore that takes up more and more of my time. The problem is my hands, and arms catch the brunt of it. I’m always burning my self. Nothing really bad just little burns where I happen to touch the sides of the stove when filling it. In keeping the stove hot during the night means that I awake when the house cools off enough for the thermostat to kick on the furnace. Over the years, it’s been my wake up call to get up and stoke the wood stove. That’s usually when I happen to burn myself in that sleepy half awake stage of stumbling into the living room pushing in the logs of birch and spruce. Then returning to sleep is the major burning issue and those little burns I acquired make it almost impossible until the pain subsides.

One Response to “The Wood Stove”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Get an aloe vera plant. It works.


    I’ve also heard that toothpaste works.

    Be careful.


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