January 25 2008

Permafrost Ranch Squirrels 2

Here is (Short Tail) that’s what I call this little Northern Flyer who visits my feeder. It’s lost most of it’s tail, and I’m sure that makes it hard for this little one to navigate through the trees with such a short rudder. Being they use those tails to help in gliding through the woods. This little squirrel is a regular at the feeding stations.

3 Responses to “Permafrost Ranch Squirrels 2”

  1. squirrelmama says:

    Short Tail is a beautiful fellow. Given that he probably can’t navigate far, he’s sure lucky he’s found you. I hope we can look forward to more pictures of him, and more posts about him, so we know he is staying safe and well-fed.

  2. wendy says:

    what a cutie! can’t believe how cold it is this morning at your place! wow

  3. wendy says:

    at 1244 north pole time 1-26…I got to see a squirrel on the cam!!!!

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