January 7 2008

Flyers at the feeder Jan 08

Every night the flyers visit the feeders here on the Permafrost Ranch. They are such a pleasure to watch, but capturing them with a camera is tricky. They spook really easy and when they see me at the window. They quickly take off. I’ve yet to be able to get close to one of them even after years of trying. I can get a red squirrel to eat from my hand with time, but these little ones are something else to try and get close to. Is there anyone else out there who have been able to get close enough to hand feed.

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  1. squirrelmama says:

    You are gifted with your camera, judging by what you did manage to capture here. The expressive eye and the details of the flyer’s face are memorable. I am assuming this is a northern flyer. I have a southern flyer in my care, she came in as an injured adult and did not completely recover. She has grown more accustomed to humans in time but then you can’t compare captivity to living in the wild.
    Keep trying! You’re already off to a wonderful start with these portraits.

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