November 25 2007

Land of the High Noon Moon

Isn’t it strange, the Land of the Midnight Sun in the winter turns into the Land of the High Noon Moon.

3 Responses to “Land of the High Noon Moon”

  1. Lin says:

    It seems to me, I’ve seen a moon in the sky during daytime hours, here in Los Angeles, too, but I didn’t really pay much attention to what time of day it was…

  2. ed b so cal says:

    I guess that road is a north south road… When I was in Fairbanks in November last year I say the crescent moon on the southern horizon. Impressive. Beautiful country there. I hope you get enough snow this year so that you do not have to steam your septic lines open again…

  3. ed b of so cal says:

    Tonight seems to be a very cold night. 12-19-07 10:31 AK time. The temp seems to be -42 F, per Arctic Cam. I hope you have enough snow on the ground to insulate your pipes/septic tanks. Keep warm guardian of the beautiful squirrels.

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