September 23 2007

Daydreams in time

I was very melancholy yesterday. The summer has slipped away, and today is my youngest daughters 31st birthday. My mood has always taken a trip south this time of the year. It reminds me of that old song from the late 50’s or early 60’s who’s author slips my mind, but the verse doesn’t. ” My heart goes where the wild goose goes” I too, yearn to fly south. I guess like summer, I’ve worn my welcome out here in the far north. I was just sitting in my office watching out the window in a half daydream state when the urge to walk upon a sandy beach became almost overpowering. In my minds eye I slipped back to the days of my youth, and the beaches of South Padre Island. It is there where I would drive my old chevy down the beach until I was far away from the last people towards the Land Cut. This was as far as one could drive. It is there on those stretches of beach where no one mostly went except a few hardy fisherman that I found some peace of mind. I would build a fire, throw out a fishing line and just sit on the beach with my back towards the setting sun. It was there were I left the troubles of my youth behind and that urge to return to those earlier days was overwhelming. I could hear the gulls and the crash of the waves on the beach and feel that sand beneath my toes. Then the phone rang, and the daydream faded away with the reality of the life I lead now. It only made the melancholy worse.

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  1. squirrelmama says:

    Your photos are fabulous, showing the intelligence and beauty of this creatures – in a respectful and reverential light. Keep up the good work. “GO” Alaskan squirrels! (good wishes from those of us in the lower 48).

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