September 11 2007

For us

I listened to a local politicians interview yesterday. A good man and like most politicians, he is all for Alaska and Alaskans. Just as those who have fallen from power, they are just good old boys trying to help us out and do the right thing. Of course, we should believe him, he has no personal ax to grind and just wants to do right. That’s why he ran for office. To do good and what’s right for Alaskans. Oh and those he admired and emulated did made mistakes but it was because they are just good old boys who didn’t know any better. Small mistakes not intentional and that’s how business was done. The intent was good but you have to remember. We did it for you, just as all of the decisions that we make are for. Okay, I’ll buy into that. So, I won’t judge you on those you have supported in the past or how you voted for and on issues that have failed, because you did it for us. That was your intent and it was to help Alaska and Alaskans.
I just have to remember, he’s there for us. Working hard everyday to make sure Alaska and Alaskans get what’s coming to them.

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