September 8 2007

This Dirty Little River Town

Overall, the people of Alaska are fairly decent folks. None the less, one has to remember we have more than our fair share of crooks, cons, thieves and dirty politicians. If the recent events doesn’t remind you of this and makes one shake their head in amazement, then you haven’t been paying close attention. From the highest office of the our Government and Governor to the lowest dealings of past Mayor of Fairbanks. The big movers and shakers of business in Alaska are all mostly tainted with corruption, cronyism, and dirty dealings. It filters down to and permeates almost everything. It is a extremely dirty little river town, that was founded by a crook here on the banks of the Chena river. A dead and departed local business man and city founder once told me that, and he said people here will stab you in the back for the gold in your teeth, while smiling and shaking your hand. Being young and foolish, I didn’t believe him. It’s true though and The Golden Heart of Alaska really is a blackened shriveled rock. It is overwhelming us with the stench of rot, even while standing among the flowers and pristine beauty of our Great Land here in this Dirty Little River Town

4 Responses to “This Dirty Little River Town”

  1. JW says:

    You live in the state where I pray that I can visit one day!!


  2. tonya says:

    You speak the truth Bob. The only problem is, not enough good folks getting out to do their civic duty by voting these people OUT of office.

  3. ed b in so cal says:

    Alaska is a beautiful land where the folks are basically among the best in the world. Alaska has fewer crooks simply because there are fewer folks. But since the population density is not too great you still find a lot of courtesy that has long since departed most populated areas of the lower 48. I suspect that your acquaintance who gave you an honest warning was correct but I would still rather be in Alaska than in Southern California. It is too bloody crowded. Enjoy the peace. We still have Hummingbirds here at our feeders. We try to make some sanity here too.

  4. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    What is the Point? That’s a couple of times I’ve heard this remark as a comment to the “Dirty Little River Town” letter I posted. What is the Point. Corruption is the point. Sure, it happens but isn’t it the way business is done. That’s it, that’s the point, when corruption becomes so persuasive that it is just the way business is done. This only goes to prove my point even further. I won’t go into a large diatribe of how this kind of thinking is wrong in my humble opinion. I have to put that in because I’m sure someone will take offense to this posting. Why settle for it, why do we say, well it’s just the way things work. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. What does that tell us about ourselves, and That is the Point

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