June 10 2007

Spruce Bud Worm Movie

5 Responses to “Spruce Bud Worm Movie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isnt there any kind of spray that could kill these bud worms?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey maybe you could salvage them and use them for an even “bigger” tipi? Just kidding. We are having the same problem over here Bob, all the white spruce are covered with this little worm. I’m afraid I will lose my one nice large spruce in the back yard soon:(

  3. ed b so cal says:

    You would think that the average citizen could buy a pesticide to kill that parasite….

    Very sad….

  4. ed b so cal says:

    Terrible – and not a good way to handle it… these bugs are not the bark burrowers that I thought they were… Malathion is not too bad… But I do not know what it would do to the squirrels and the nice birds.. Especially the birds who eat bugs who are likely to get loaded up with the poison.. Bio-accumulation could prove harmful to the birds….I just don’t know.. Sorry that you have that problem.

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