March 24 2007

Photo Book

Hello Squirrel Lovers and Friends, check out the new Squirrel Book that can be ordered. Pictures from my flickr page printed on a 8X10 bound book with 4 pictures per page, 23 pages. You can order yours on the Squirrel Cam Web Page:

Please order yours today and help support your favorite Red Squirrel Photographer…

2 Responses to “Photo Book”

  1. ed b so cal says:

    I read the article in the News Miner online… The Steam Truck business has a huge waiting period… YIKES! and the cost! Wow…..

    Keep warm my friend. I hope you have alternative restroom facilities that do not force you to freeze your tush… I was in Fairbanks in November, when you guys were Minus 38 F and it was quite cold for a Southern Californian… Good Luck!

  2. gillina says:

    your squirrels are great! they are not just squirrels but with some special character inside! it’s your art of a photographer makes them so. i know how it’s difficult to gain such success in taking pictures of a wild nature as i am a photofrapher myself. i wish you all the best!

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