March 23 2007

Little Female Squirrel

You can tell from this little girls belly she’s got a nest with babies somewhere close. She comes late in the evening to eat at the feeder, she hits the syrup and peanut butter cup first…then starts on other goodies. I would love to see her little pinkies if I knew where her nest was. Even though I woud not want to bother them at this stage I still would love to peek.

3 Responses to “Little Female Squirrel”

  1. ed b so cal says:

    She is a cutie! I hope she keeps evading the owls…

  2. Dorothy says:

    OH Bob. She is so cute. She looks so eager. You think this will be her first litter? She is precious. It would be so neat to get a picture of her babies. This is a great time of year for all of us watching the birds and animals. I am seeing some birds from the north that have migrated down here and are on their way back up. So neat to look them up and see what kind they are.

  3. SarahinSanDiego says:

    SO SWEET!!! i love these pics you’re givign us THANK YOU SO MUCH! it’s appreciated and i DO check often on this particular board of your cam site. thank you , thank you… let’s hope the babies are getting their share of food somehow too ohhhh?
    it’s just major nesting season, foal season (for horses) and that time ‘o year…

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