March 17 2007

Red Poles at the Feeder

Such pretty little birds at the feeders, Common little Red Poles. Today was a sad day, this morning upon awakening, and letting out the dogs. I notice a little body laying in the snow bank out beside the feeder. It was one of my little Alaskan Northern Flying Squirrels. Something, most likely an owl had gotten him, he was headless and half eaten. The dogs must have spooked the predator away. The squirrels come to my feeder to eat, not to be eaten. I know it’s part of nature but nonetheless, it still not a good thing to see.

5 Responses to “Red Poles at the Feeder”

  1. sandy says:

    I love the pics!
    Poor little flyer. It makes you wonder about the whole arrangement doesnt it? Nature is pretty coldhearted

  2. Ed B So Cal says:

    I saw a little flyer at the far end of the feeding platform this morning at about 1:00 AM. I suspect this little guy was the victim.

    Nice Little birds in todays pictures.

  3. sarahinsandiego says:

    just GORGEOUS birds and photo’s here! thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous photo’s. i check in daily to see if new ones are posted. so you’re efforts are TRULY appreciated here!!!! woo ohooooo isn’t this a beautiful bird. i also love the chickadee and cardinal!!!! 🙂 thank you so much for this

  4. sarahinsandiego says:

    so sorry about that poor squirrel. i realize it’s part of nature too but still ? still very sad to see this.
    i love owls too and eagles as well but unfortunately all hunting birds. i know this is just part of nature even though all beautiful birds too ? but still that squirrel AMEN ::sigh::

  5. Dorothy says:

    Little story… about a week ago I was at my usual haunt, yahoo canasta. My partner was from florida and would be going to his summer home in Alaska. I could not resist telling him about you.. Bob!.. and he wanted the website.
    While we were playing he said “There are some red poles there now”.. I flipped to the cam and saw the little birds, but I never never realised they were so beautiful. The closer pictures are awsome.

    About the squirrel, I understand your pain. I use to feed squirrels in my back yard by throwing out cracked corn. (Trying to keep them on the ground and off my bird feeder) One day I looked and there was a deer eating the corn. Not long afterward I heard a shot. I do not know if the shot was for the deer but I am pretty sure it is since it was hunting season. I have not put corn out again. I wonder if I made the right decision because I do miss watching the squirrels and I wonder where some of the regulars relocated to get their food…

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