March 3 2007

Cold, cold, cold

There comes a time every winter when the cold weather really gets to me, and I wonder why and the hell I live where I do. Well, it’s that time. The Squirrel Cam Thermometer says it’s -39 F or -39 C, the only time the two ever meet. That meeting doesn’t do anything for my mood either. It’s cold enough to spit and hear it crack before it hits the ground. A friend of mine who lives in North Carolina, sent me a few pictures in an email of the flowers starting to bloom and grow in his yard. My spring is so far off for anything green to grow I can’t even imagine it. The only thing growing here is ice and the permafrost. Sigh

2 Responses to “Cold, cold, cold”

  1. SarahinSanDiego says:

    Hang in there with the cooolldddd. BRrrrrrrr poor thing. i do NOT miss the cold back “home” in Mass. where I was born and raised (now residin’ in gorgeous climate of San Diego)…however even San Diego has it’s bouts of fireplace /sweater weather too. but this week supposed to maybe get as high as 75 ish oh nice. i wonder if a “Santa Ana” again. Come here to San Diego for a break sometime LOL… hugs to you and the squirrels and birds there…Sarah

  2. Dorothy says:

    I do understand your frustration with the weather but it on the other end of the themometer. you get tired of the cold and I get so tired of the heat and humidity. I think the ground hog was right and we have had an early spring. Temps have been hanging close to 80 for the last week here. Lucky to have a few cool nights in the upper 50’s. There were a few days as the short winter was leaving that I was able to go outside and see the sky that was crystal blue and feel a nice brisk wind that had somewhat of a nip to it and wonder if there was a place on earth that was this way all year round. While you live in a freezer I live in a heater ( or rather a steam oven) I think we have had 8 weeks of winter this year and while the kids might love it, they are not the ones trying to pay the outrageous electric bills. I remember my cousins in New Mexico use to come here to visit when I was a kid and they would NOT go outside . They said it was too hot.. It would be like 90F. I would think they must be crazy!! I had been to their house and it was over 100F every day!! But it was dry there.. The humidity will kill you!! Everyday is a bad hair day and it flushes out your sweat glands for sure. While it is already in the 80’s today and I sit here shaking off a spring cold I can’t help but dread the blasted heat that is creeping into my world and sneezing as the pollen floats around those beautiful flowers . Then I wonder how much it is gonna cost to get my grass cut this year. Do I sound like a glass half empty person? I guess today I am. I sure can’t wait for a cool day. Maybe a week or two before Christmas? hum.. If I am lucky! …….Dorothy

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