January 15 2007

Owl Attack

All the time I’ve had feeders up, I’ve see several bird raptors of different types around the yard, but tonight was different. I was sitting at my desk watching two flying squirrels at the back feeder out the window, when a Boreal Owl swooped down and just nailed one. Now this feeder is part way under a overhang at the back of the house right next to window, as you can see. The squirrel got away because the owl released him when I jumped up to see and he saw me… I don’t know how bad the squirrel is hurt, I looked for him outside, didn’t see any visible signs of blood. So, he may have escaped with just a close call. I quickly checked the cam page for recent shots, and this is the capture I got.

3 Responses to “Owl Attack”

  1. stageleft says:

    As you know from some of our previous conversations me and squirrels got issues – njext time stay very still, nature should have been allowed to run its’ course 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Uh oh? I hope that ‘ol squirrel is OK! oh no? But I love barn owls too? Just can’t stand the “hunting” stuffs… and I mean I realize all part of nature but still… I hope the little fella is ok Amen


  3. Bobbie says:

    Good job Bob! What an amazing thing that must have been to see. If it was meant to be you wouldn’t have been sitting there. I love your little squirrels. We have an uneasy peace with the 15+ big fat grey squirrels in our backyard. We use squirrel proof feeders which leaves food for the birds, but they are very good at beating the system. Our little Emma (dog) thinks they are there for her amusement and exercise and attempts to chase them down regularly. They sit in the treat and laugh at her.

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