December 7 2006

Flyer at the feeder

I haven’t posted anything lately, because I’m missing my favorite squirrel. He’s not been around, I’m sure everyone remembers fatso. Well, he’s gone missing for a while now. I’m just wishing he is okay. He is an older squirrel and everyone knows how fat he is. I just hope some predator hasn’t caught up with him. I’ll let you know if he shows back up soon.

Until then here is another shot of one of the flyers who has been frequenting the feeder at night.

5 Responses to “Flyer at the feeder”

  1. Bobbie says:

    I’m really sorry to hear fatso has gone missing. Hopefully he will return home unharmed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bob, I miss seeing fatso’s poses too. The big ham

    Michelle & Mon Chee

  3. Ed B says:

    Best wishes for Fatso…

  4. Sheryl says:

    At 2:54, I saw a fat squirrel stuffing its face on Webcam 2. Was that Fatso? I hope so.

    I have to put out my feeders now. We’re at 8500 ft in the Sierras in California. As soon as the snow starts, we get flocks of ruby finches which are up in the high country until the snow buries their food. They arrived today it seems as I have seen dozens. They are great winter visitors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I also saw a fat squirrel only from the back at about 2:36p on web cam 2..I hope it was FATSO!

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