November 24 2006

Frosty Snack at the Feeder

It’s been very cold here on the Permafrost Ranch located in North Pole, Alaska. Look closely at the frost on this squirrels whiskers. It’s where his breath has frozen in the cold air and frosted his whiskers.

2 Responses to “Frosty Snack at the Feeder”

  1. Ed B says:

    I see your frosted Little Buddy. I was up in your neck of the woods from California and it was nice and cold. Tuesday the 21st of November at Denali was Minus 31 F… Later that week, at Chena Hot Springs it was a pretty consistent Minus 20 – minus 27 F. At North Pole, AK, when we visited your local Santa it was a reported Minus 37, but my Rental SUV’s outside Air Temp probe said it was Minus 28 F. My beard looked even more frosty than your little buddy’s whiskers.
    Your air is sure a lot cleaner than the stuff I have to breathe in Northern L.A. County, CA.

    Nice to see your site running even in this brisk wheather.

    Ed B

  2. Bobbie says:

    Looks like you’re having a heat wave, +2 degrees! Looks like we’re chilling out now. We’re spoiled by the nice warm Fall we’ve had. Snow is coming tomorrow but nothing like you have. Keep feeding those little critters!

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