November 12 2006

Election Results

Well, it’s over. I’m glad, because we won’t be seeing any more campaign ads. The winners are celebrating and the losers are crying in their beer. Nonetheless, I’ve got a major gripe. I just heard the final statistics for the vote. Only 44 percent of the registered voters voted. That’s a sad commentary on our election and on our citizens of this fine state of Alaska. Now these numbers are suspect I know. The main reason is that the voter list haven’t been purged since the Motor Voter Registration went in to effect some years back. So, what is the turn out, I don’t know if we will ever know the true numbers until the laws are changed. My belief is this was put into law to suppress voter turnout. Furthermore, I think both parties practice voter suppression allowing a minority of the faithful, so to speak to elect our representatives. It’s a sad state of affairs that a minority elect to office people who will affect the majority in everything they do. Shame on those unnamed majority who feel voting isn’t worth their time or effort. I hope it comes back to bite you in the very end.

2 Responses to “Election Results”

  1. stageleft says:

    The number you have is slightly higher than the one of just under 41% I saw in one paper or another…. the problem is that politicians have been allowed to get away with so much, and do so little, for so many, for so long, that people have come to believe that their vote does not matter.

    I do not think we are going to see any real change until one day such a small minority of people go to the polls that the parties, and the governments those parties make up, can no longer willfully ignore what they have created.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I vote because if I don’t vote I don’t feel I can bitch! This way if the “winner” I elected or someone else elected messes up, I feel free to make my feelings clear to them.

    When you hear about people being confused about how to vote, being sent false information to keep them from voting, being intimidated at the polls you think of 3rd world countries. AND lets not forget redrawing precints so a particular party has a better chance of getting re-elected. It’s not supposed to happen here. Unfortunately, it still does.

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