November 3 2006

Tailless Flying Squirrel

The northern flying squirrels that come to my feeders during the darkness hours have these fluffy tails and they use them like a rudder as they glide through the boreal forest. I’ve seen many a little red squirrel loose parts of their tails in territorial fights but I’ve never seen a flyer with a bobbed tail, until last night. I’m sure this hinders his gliding ability. Here is a shot of the little guy.

3 Responses to “Tailless Flying Squirrel”

  1. QuillDancer says:

    Poor baby. But he looks like he made it to the food dish okay.

  2. jackie says:

    I’ve never seen a flying squirrel. But I’d sure like to. You’ll have to watch this little fellow and let us know how well he’s getting around.

  3. Bobbie says:

    Love those little guys. They are amazingly adaptive. We had one come down the chimney once and by the time Muskrat Jack got here to help him out, he had managed to get himself out and was gone. That was the only one I ever saw so I don’t know how pleantiful they actual are here. Probably not very.

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