October 31 2006

Lunch at the old Permafrost Ranch

Guess who’s head is in the feed bowl?

6 Responses to “Lunch at the old Permafrost Ranch”

  1. sandy says:

    Cute, cute, cute!

  2. QuillDancer says:

    Munch time!

  3. Mary Lou says:

    My squirrels are smaller and browner, and they are all named Lola, because they only come one at a time, and I cant tell them apart. eh!

  4. Jackie says:

    Robert, I came to see what you had over here – and am glad I did. The pics are great. I especially love the birds, and was surprised to see the same species. Great job, I’ll keep watching.

  5. QuillDancer says:

    Jackie, if you look far enough back in Bob’s archives you’ll find a pic of yourself and Miss Kitty asleep on the couch! But it was your cactus Bob was showing, off — not you.

    Bob — Jackie is my sis, incase you didn’t know.

  6. jackie says:

    Quilly-Sister, I remember that, now!

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