October 20 2006


Man did I look young…and I guess I was back in 68.

4 Responses to “1968”

  1. QuillDancer says:

    I would have looked much younger in ’69 — much. Like about 7 years old ….

  2. sandy says:

    What a handsome fella!
    I just checked in to squirrelcam… geez that looks like a lot of snow this morning.

  3. stageleft says:

    I was young in 1968, I’m somewhere in between now, too young to be old, too old to be young — where the heck is that mid-life crisis I’ve been looking forward to anyway?

  4. QuillDancer says:

    Gary, I just checked the Squirrel Cam and I’m thinking: sure am glad I live in Las Vegas; and those squirrels might be ling some nice toasty vegetable soup ….

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