September 30 2006


Here is a couple of shots of the damage done to my lawn. This has been an on going problem for several years now. If I ever catch the culprits, I’m afraid they won’t like the damage I’ll do them. It may even be fatal.

6 Responses to “Vandals”

  1. QuillDancer says:

    How sad it is that some people can only feel important and empowered when they are at their most petty and distructive. I pity them.

  2. QUASAR9 says:

    That’s your lawn bobby
    Mighty big, Mighty fine lawn!
    Wouldn’t let vandals trouble you
    Nature can take much abuse from Man
    It is man that is the most fragile in the eyes of Nature.

    Have a nice Day
    let any & all your worries fade away

  3. Joan González says:

    saludos desde BCN Catalonia

    Joan G

  4. Bobbie says:

    Fall was in the air here today but happily we’re still a few weeks away from real Winter. We have “kids” in our neighborhood who can’t resist knocking over recycling buckets and sometimes racing through the neighborhood skidding around at night. I get my dander up a little too when I hear it going on. You just have to consider the source. If they upset you, they win. Maybe some large rocks added to the landscape would be a nice surprise. 😉

  5. Cindra says:

    Vandalism sucks. Hang in there, Bob.

  6. QuillDancer says:

    I like the boulder idea. I like it a lot.

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