September 28 2006

Baby Squeakers

4 Responses to “Baby Squeakers”

  1. Cindra says:

    Did you rescue this little guy?


  2. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    Cindra Jo, Mrs Squeakers was a little female that had fallen out of the nest and the dogs had found her in my yard, I raised her and released her back into the wild, she went on to raise up a family of her own. This was more than a few years back and she is long gone now except for the memories. There is nothing so loving as a baby squirrel. It’s a very special experience that the creator blessed me with. I’ve had several squirrels over my lifetime but Mrs Squeakers was special.

  3. Cindra says:

    Sweet. My dad, the logger, as I mentioned, brought home a baby squirrel after he fell a tree on the momma…and we tried to save the baby, but to no avail. Sad.

    Glad to hear a happy ending to your story.

  4. QuillDancer says:

    I love this pic. I am glad you shared these precious memories.

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