September 26 2006

Internet Banking Scams

I’ve been a ICQ user and other Instant Messenger user for years. Here lately I’ve received a lot of messages from unknown people, wanting me to help with their banking problems. Millions of dollars are promised if I help them. Well, of course, I say no immediately and then place them on ignore. Still, it’s frustrating to think some folks might fall for this, and give out their personal account information. I don’t ever give out personal information to unknown people over the internet. I’ve got everything someone could want on my public profiles except that type of info. If they want to get to know me, it’s all right there and to ask for further information sets off all my warning bells.

One Response to “Internet Banking Scams”

  1. Bobbie says:

    For all of us who know it’s a scam, there seem to be many more who buy the story and just can’t seem to resist the possibility of millions. It’s really unfortunate. My personal opinion is these bad guys should be hung up by their toes in bear country.

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