September 25 2006

Insomnia and into my life it creeps

The dog, one of the daschounds wanted out at 2:00 AM, this morning. I tried for the longest to ignore it. Hoping above all hope that the wife would get up and let it out. She did, but then Sugar Bear, our Golden who has a mind of her own doesn’t listen to my wife when she is called. The dog takes her sweet time in returning to the house. My wife, bless her heart will call her for 10 or 15 minutes. Well, I was wide awake by then… I’ve been up ever since. I tried once to return to slumber but my mind wouldn’t allow it. So, I’m surfing the net, blogging away.

I got a couple of phone calls yesterday evening and a email or two wanting to know if I was on that TV program whereby people get a new house built for them. I wasn’t even though I know it was a big thrill for the town to be part of it all. I stayed well out of the way. I’m happy for those folks.

So, if you were looking to see my smiling face on National TV. It wasn’t there. Count your lucky stars.

2 Responses to “Insomnia and into my life it creeps”

  1. sandy says:

    Hope you got a nap today. Or, maybe that would really throw you off kilter?

  2. Bobbie says:

    I actually meant to watch that show on Sunday but missed it. I really wanted to see a little of your town. Sandy described it to me after she visited but I’m kind of a visual being.
    Sleep well tonight…

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