September 1 2006

Politics in the Oil Patch of Alaska 2

Just a upgrade to let everyone know that the primary election slapped Mr. Murkowski right out of office. It has shaken up the status quo of politics in the Great Land. Now, yesterday another slap was delivered by the FBI and Federal Law enforcement with raids on offices of mostly Republican politicians including Ben Stevens, our illustrious state senators son and the VECO Oil Service Company. They paid him almost a quarter of a million bucks to be a consultant while he was in office. Imagine that, no wonder his daddy was incensed with the appointment of the new federal prosecutor for the state. In my humble opinion it’s just the tip of the ice berg and what’s below the water is Veco, the oil companies and the whole Republican Party. The most corrupting influence peddling schemes and money laundering of which they are a big part of. I have been saying this all along, we have the best politicians money can buy. It is rampant and entrenched in the Republican Party of this state. The good old boys club of big money and greed. And it goes all the way to the top of the pile if the truth was ever known. The whole barrel of them is rotten to core, not just one or two of the apples. Our own interior delegation of Republicans are awfully quiet all of a sudden. Not one word, are they next in line for a knock on their office doors by the FBI.

3 Responses to “Politics in the Oil Patch of Alaska 2”

  1. Bobbie says:

    Alaska doesn’t have the market cornered on that kind of politics. They tend to be where the money is. For some reason politicians think we won’t notice what they are doing as long as they say what we want to hear. I’d say they should all be checking their peep holes. Keep up the good work!

  2. sandy says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted, maybe you guys are setting a precedent

  3. Jean McDermott says:

    Didn’t you love the News Miner last week? They actually printed The Corrupt Bastards Club in huge type first headline!

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