August 7 2006

Summer Flowers

Well, we are home again, here in the Interior of Alaska. The above shot was taken at Doyon at drum practice, for Walking Hawk Drum. I’ll be honest, our little trip home to Oklahoma and the visit we had at my Tribal Hall in Okmulgee has lit a fire in me. Winters are growing harder and harder for me, and the thought of spending another here is weighing heavily on my mind. Alaska has it’s own beauty and it’s been home to me for a very long time. Nonetheless, I’m wanting to return home to Oklahoma and be on Muscogee Land. Maybe we will soon.

4 Responses to “Summer Flowers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bah humbug Bob. You cannot leave the beauty, and wildness of the greatest place on earth. You would be mourned for years to come if you left Alaska. Besides that, who’d take care of all your little squirrel critters out there???

  2. QuillDancer says:

    I know the yearning to return home. I was born in the mountains and living in this desert is hard on my soul. I yearn for green. Yet I know that when I do finally leave, there are things here I will mourn leaving as well.

  3. sandy says:

    That can’t be an easy choice. Hope you are happy, whatever you decide to do

  4. Dorothy says:

    You have to go where your heart leads you Bob. If you don’t then you will always wonder what you missed. Looking back I wish I had followed my heart. My prayers are with you and your squirrel buddies. If you are suppose to leave, God will put someone there to feed them for you, I have no doubt.
    Maybe the Oklahoma squirrels need you now….

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