July 26 2006

My Trip

We are back home now and I’ve got some pictures that I’ll post for all to see. The second picture is of me and my wife in front of the Museum Entrance in Tulsa Oklahoma. The first picture is of the statue on one side of the Museum, the next picture is of me and Debbie in front of the mausoleum where my great grandparents and great uncle are entombed. The next picture is of one of the gardens at the Museum. The next shot is in Okmulgee at the old tribal hall of the end of the Trail of Tears Marker.

5 Responses to “My Trip”

  1. sandy says:

    A family museum, how awesome. I have to get there and check it out some day.

  2. Robert W Gilcrease says:


    It was started by my great uncle: http://www.gilcrease.org/

    Check out the web site for it.


  3. QuillDancer says:

    Love your t-shirt. How many strangers call you by name when you wear it? AND, how many of them ask you if its really your name?

    How awesome to have your family history gathered together like that. Not just a written genealogy, but a geneaology of artifacts …. Pricelss in our transient culture.

  4. AwakenedOneHeart says:

    Hi Bob, What a great honor to have your family remembered in such a way. I am so happy to know you as a good internet friend. Keep up the good work with the squirels.

  5. Cindra says:

    Just amazing and wonderful. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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