July 14 2006

Thanks for the kind words and support

I wanted to say thank you to several of my blog readers, Quasar9, and Quilldancer and others who have supported me.

I appreciate your responses. I really appreciate those who have donated to help feed my little squirrels. As some of you are aware that this area in the last couple of years has had a major infestation of Spruce Tree Bud Worms, which has stopped cone production on most if not all of the trees. Two years have gone by now in this area without cones being produced. It’s causing mass starvation among the Red Squirrel Populations. I’m getting many more travelers coming long distance through the woods searching for nourishment at my feeders. Being the Red Squirrels are very territorial it’s making for serious problems for my resident squirrels in the yard.

Nonetheless, I’ll continue to put out sunflower seeds and other food stuffs in multiple locations to keep the conflict at a minimum.

Thanks so much for your support and kind words.

bob g

4 Responses to “Thanks for the kind words and support”

  1. QuillDancer says:

    Robert, make a permanent “Save the Squirrels” post on your site, then set up one of those “donate here” accounts and put the button on your blog. Ask for one dollar from each reader and soon your squirrel friends will have plenty of seeds You might even be able to support feeders in the yards of your friends to alleviate terrtorial disputes.

  2. Sherry P says:

    that sounds like a good idea. tho i get a little nervous donating on line. too old for some computer stuff i suppose.

  3. QUASAR9 says:

    Great idea Quilldancer!
    So Robert, what’s been done about the worm infestation? is that a lack (shortfall) of birds, colder weather, or simply worm success that is the cause of shortfall of red quirrel feed?
    Does Nature play more cruel tricks on us, or is there something that can be put in aligment, albeit by man’s intervention (housekeeping)

  4. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    Thanks for the suggestions and comments about a donate here button: http://www.thesquirrelcam.com/Cam1.html
    There is a donate button below the cam picture on the above page. It’s a Pay Pal button and for those who are nervous about online payments, it’s about the safest way to donate on line that can be found.

    To answer Quasar9’s question. It’s a quirk of nature that maybe caused by the lack of extreme cold weather due to global warming. I’m not sure of why we are having such an infestation. According to the forest service extension, it will kill most of my beautiful spruce trees which in turn will be the end of the squirrel populations in this area.

    Thanks again for your support and donations.

    My squirrels will really thank you this winter when they come to my feeders to eat.

    bob g

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