July 11 2006

Midnight Sun Sets

I’m having trouble going to sleep tonight, and as I’m laying there in bed, I hear the rumble of thunder. Getting up to check to see if the windows are closed with the rain. I notice the setting sun, it’s 12:03 AM… Only in Alaska, does one run out to take pictures of the setting sun at Midnight. One of the many reasons that makes this land so special. I thought I would share these two shots with everyone.

7 Responses to “Midnight Sun Sets”

  1. sandy says:

    beautiful pics, as usual. You are gifted with the camera!

  2. QUASAR9 says:

    Wow Man, great pics
    Just shows what beauty there is in Nature, and how lucky we are that no matter what the demands of modern society, there are still great spaces – Q

  3. Sherry P says:

    beautiful, just beautiful!

  4. goldennib says:


  5. QuillDancer says:

    Beautiful pics, beautiful sense of peace in your words. Thank you for sharing. I will be back. (Btw, Quasar sent me.)

  6. Jenn says:

    The sky seems to be “plumb full of hush”.

    Utterly enchanting.

  7. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I remember a similar feeling when I was in Canada once. It was like the world was so and it looked like it was time to either go to or get off from work. Thank you Bob for going to the trouble to take those sweet pictures.

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