July 1 2006

Wedding of the Rivers

I was out shooting a wedding of April & Luke yesterday on the River Boat Tanana Chief. It runs up and down the Chena River to the mouth of the Tanana River. This is a shot of the “wedding of the rivers” It’s where the clearer water of the Chena meets the chocolate colored water of the Tanana River. How appropriate for a wedding of man and woman. The next picture is of the couple on the Banks of the Chena in front of the Tanana Chief.

2 Responses to “Wedding of the Rivers”

  1. Bobbie says:

    Such happy photos. Here’s hoping April and Luke are as happy to flow along together as those two rivers. This sure beats the heck out of one of those zillion dollar country club weddings.

  2. Sherry P says:

    wonderful photo, many blessings on them. in pittsburgh we have the allegheny and the monongehela they meet at the point and join to form the ohio which then flows to the mississippi. the mon is brown the allegheny a green/blue so i know just what you mean

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