June 15 2006

Attack of the worms

This is the second summer I’ve had a huge infestation of worms in my trees. They put out these strands of web silk, similar to spider webs that just cover everything and hang in the air with the worms. They are eating my trees alive it seems. I’ve contacted the forestry folks and they said I can treat them with a insecticide in the fall, but for this year it’s too late. It’s very hard on my squirrels because it stops cone production on the spruce trees. So, it looks as if I’ll have to put out extra food for them to survive this winter.

3 Responses to “Attack of the worms”

  1. Bobbie says:

    We have a similar pest here on the East Coast,Gypsy Moths. They killed tons of trees here before they got under control but I don’t think they bothered the pine trees. What a shame. I guess it’s bad for everyone. Expensive for you bad for the squirrels and the birds. Makes you wonder why they don’t have any natural enemies.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Bob that is terrible. we have a similar problem with worms in pecan trees but they build a web nest of sorts . my father use to put a gasoline soaked rag on a long pole , like it and burn the nest. The hurricnes have taken care of most of the pecan trees in this area but they do have another way to control this. In the fall will you be able to treat them so this doesn’t happen next summer?

  3. Ed B aka cfinstr says:

    Maybe a little extra watering will help.. Here in California we have had a problem with some boring pests and the Forestry guys that I have talked to have told me that the drought has kept sap production low and because of that the wood boring pests do not have their tunnels swamped with tree sap… In other words the tree is too dry to produce enough sap to drown out the little pests…. Apparently, that is the defense mechanism for the trees here in California against the wood boring pests.

    Maybe something as simple as heavily watering your trees will give them the moisture that they might need to let them flood out the wood borers? Check with your Foresters…

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