June 9 2006

Frosty Morning Sunshine

It’s summer, but the weather has been cool so far. Nonetheless, we are now deep into the dark green of the summertime boreal forest. I came across this photograph I took sometime either last winter or the winter before. It gave me a quick reminder that summer is so fleeting here in the Great Land and before long we will be locked again into the deep freeze of winter. And with the summer comes the flowers and mushrooms that grow, even the squirrels take little bites out to see if they are ready to harvest. Storing them up for a mid winter feast.

2 Responses to “Frosty Morning Sunshine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How Long do your summers last?

  2. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    Hello anonymous, our winters are long, summer usually starts late April early May and ends by the end of September, October can be inbetween but I’ve seen it as low as -30 below on Holloween.

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