June 9 2006

Alaskana Shops

Sometimes, I just see things that are so Alaskana. I know there is myriads of small shops all across the country. Still, Fairbanks has it’s own unique flavor of things. We stopped to get some work done at the jewelry store next door to this shop. The guy standing out there taking a smoke break just caught my eye. So me being me, I grabbed the picture.

3 Responses to “Alaskana Shops”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The weirdest thing in Alaska is all the espresso places. little espresso huts. maybe other places have a lot of them but being from out east it was crazy

  2. Dorothy says:

    That is a neat candid picture Bob. The shop itself kinda taks one back in time to a world of sucessful self made needed shops! The guy looks happy to be there with no worry in the world, comfortable working conditions. I remember a world like that when I was a kid. But the buildings were not made the same. Mostly wood to compensate for the difference in temps. That was a neat kodac moment

  3. Robert W Gilcrease says:

    Thanks dorothy, I appreciate your comments

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