June 4 2006

Life in the far north

I awoke this morning, to a frosty 32 degrees and the water in the squirrel feeders water dish, was hard. Here it is June the 4th and we are still having freezing temps. I guess that is what one gets for only living 165 miles below the Arctic Circle. Nonetheless, the geese were feeding at Creamers Field as you can see, and Larry the Lounge Lizard Squirrel wasn’t bothered by the cool weather. With a little luck this will do in some of the mosquitoes. My yard really took a beating last year, due to the lack of snow before we had extreme cold weather. Large portions of my lawn have died off. Sigh, looks like next year I’ll have to re-seed a great deal of it.

3 Responses to “Life in the far north”

  1. stageleft says:

    hummm… them geese… suppose anyone would miss one (or two) of them? I’m right partial to roast goose 🙂

    Again, great pics!

  2. Jean McDermott says:

    Yesterday we tried to play a gig outside. When I lost the feeling in my fingers after ten minutes, I still attempted to play. The guys were wearing kilts, I wisely chose pants. Then my fingertips and their kneecaps turned slightly blue, and that was enough. We didn’t even make it half an hour. That wind was vicious!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Larry looks like I feel right now

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