May 26 2006

Great Minds want to Know

Ok, who’s reading my blog, I get lots of hits on but I want to know if anyone reads that blog?

7 Responses to “Great Minds want to Know”

  1. Dorothy says:

    Now Bob you know I read it EVERY day! I just don’t want to be a “blog hog” knowwhatImean.

    That is the cuteiest picture!!
    Was that one of your late night’/early morning moments?

    Maybe the forever sun season has the suirrel’s acting a bit squirrely as well. (ok ok.. that was cheesey but.. had to say it 😉

    I love your blog. I love the way you “ponder” on things.
    Keep it up..

  2. sandyp says:

    Count me in- look forward to your musings every am

  3. Lumpy says:

    I dunno if I read that much but I least stop by to look at the pictures.



    Seriously though, get some photos of those eagles you heard the other day.

    See you in #lockergnome

  4. lil' ol me says:

    I try and read everyday… but you know that.. been to busy making up (or out?lol) for lost time, with my ol’ man to be on the computer lately, but Mom called and said she hasnt been able to email me, my box is FULL. So I am online tonight, catching up with my life in the CyberWorld

  5. stageleft says:

    I read ya regularily man, since day one 🙂

  6. my backyard says:

    Cute pic!

    But is the squirrel cam actually running? What’s the correct URL for it?

    I found your site through The Squirrel Board.

  7. BobbieH says:

    Always enjoy the pics and the musings. You certainly live in a beautiful place. I live on the East Coast too but don’t hit the pc as early as Sandy. We can identify with the skeeters as well. They refer to them as our state bird here in NJ….

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